Joe Zawinul in Amsterdam
By Dick Koster

Dear fans,

Yesterday, Paco´s birthday, the Zawinul Tour started in a sold out concert at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Almost at the age of 70 Zawinul looks and expresses himself as a hungry (older) young man. It was a really good show. Kicking of with a new number (?), vocals Etienne Mbappe, Zawinul hurted himself one way or the other at his hand. Blood on the keys but played on and after the first song he got himself a tissue and a .. and continued the show. In two sets they played Two lines, Zansa 3 (marimba Paco), a duet; Amit (a golden voice) en Zawi, Buenos Aires, several 'new' songs and Bimoya as final. Zawinul introduced the band two times with great respect and complimented there qualities. Especially Paco (he is home, he belongs here) en Etienne Mbappe (This is one of the greatones) It is very hard to reproduce the song list but it is and was too much to handle in one evening. I really could recomend this tour, they made fun, and surely will grow during this tour. (zawinul ment probably some musical mistakes - which I missed - ) I think this is the best you can become in fusion in 2002. They made fun, improvised a lot, a lot of impressing solos and two hours top entertainment. What would it be at 80? No doubt, i buy a ticket for the Northsea Jazz Festival. Because The Syndicate will be back in Holland on July 12th. Enyoy yourself and..........happy birthday mister Joe!

Dick Koster