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TOUR 2003

Jan 17-19 Catalina Bar and Grill Hollywood, California
Jan 21-26 The Blue Note New York, New York
Mar 15 Alte Feuerwache Mannheim, Germany
Mar 16 Jazzclub Coesfeld, Germany
Mar 17 To Be Announced Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mar 18 To Be Announced Steyr, Austria
Mar 20 To Be Announced Vaux en Velin (Lyon), France
Mar 21 Gymnasium Gütersloh, Germany
Mar 22 To Be Announced Arras, France
Mar 23 To Be Announced Brussels, Belgium
Mar 26 Cully Jazz Festival Lavaux, Switzerland
Mar 27 Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Germany
Mar 28 Centralstation Darmstadt, Germany
Mar 29 Quasimodo Berlin, Germany
Mar 30 Den Atelier Luxembourgh
Mar 31-Apr 1 New Morning Paris, France
Apr 3 Fillmore Club Cortemaggiore PC, Italy
Apr 4 IO Club Rimini, Italy
Apr 5 Loreto (AN) Centro giovanile Giovanni Paolo II
Apr 6 Teatro Comunale Guglielmi Massa, Italy
Apr 9 To Be Announced Kiev, Ukraine
Apr 11 To Be Announced Novgorod, Russia
Apr 12-14 Le Club Moscow, Russia
Apr 15 Fabrik Hamburg, Germany
Apr 16 To Be Announced Odense, Denmark
Apr 17 Train Aarhus, Denmark
Apr 18 Jazzhaus Copenhagen, Denmark
Apr 19-20 Nefertiti Göteborg, Sweden
Apr 22 Fashing Jazzclub Stockholm, Sweden
Apr 24 To Be Announced Espo, Finland

Jun 24 Vancouver International Jazz Festival Vancouver, Canada
Jun 26 Toronto Downtown Jazz Toronto, Canada
Jun 27 Montreal Jazz Festival Montreal, Canada
Jun 28 Freihofer's Jazz Festival Saratoga, New York
Jul 3 To be announced Innsbruck, Austria
Jul 4 To be announced Groningen, Holland
Jul 5 To be announced Strasbourg, France
Jul 6 To be announced Rome, Italy
Jul 13 Jazz Festival Vienna Vienna, Austria
Jul 18 Juan Les Pins France
Jul 19 Jazz & Image at Villa Celimontana Rome, Italy
Jul 20 To be announced Jaen, Spain
Jul 23 To be announced Budapest, Hungary
Jul 25 To be announced Gent, Belgium
Jul 26 To be announced Carjac, France
Jul 27 Festival Africajarc France
Jul 30 To be announced Vannes, France
Jul 31 La Seyne Sur Mer France
Aug 2 To be announced Gussing, Austria

Formazione corrente:

Joe Zawinul - Tastiere
Sabine Kabongo - Voce
Manolo Badrena - Percussioni
Amit Chatterjee - Chitarra elettrica
Linley Marthe - Basso
Stephane Galland - Batteria

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