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Music Links:

Official website of the Biba Band (Weather Report cover)

JazzNow, the world jazz magazine !

Italian Jazz Musicians
Italian Jazz Musicians (Shop)

FUSE Magazine, all about Fusion !!

IAMJAZZ, il sito del newsgroup it.arti.musica.jazz

Europe Jazz Network

ALLMUSIC, the greatest music archive on the Web !!


Bluenote - New York

Jazz Central Station

Abbey Road.ka

Michiel Borstlap's Official Website

Jazzyland, sito Jazz di Nicola Zani
Jazzyland Jazz Links


Joe Zawinul Links:

Joe Zawinul Official Website

Zawinul Online - A wonderful Joe Zawinul website - maintained by Curt Bianchi

Another beautiful Italian Zawinul fansite - Run by Marco Della Rocca

Joe Zawinul biography by Europe Jazz Network

Another Zawinul's Link Page

Joe Zawinul interviewed by Anil Prasad -

A Joe Zawinul biography

Joe Zawinul on IMN - Information about tour dates in the U.S.

Information about some Zawinul's albums

Nice article about Joe Zawinul

Review of a Joe Zawinul concert

Review of a Joe Zawinul concert

Review of a Joe Zawinul concert

Review of a Joe Zawinul concert

Review of a Joe Zawinul with Sam Jones and Louis Hayes

A Review of "My People" Zawinul's album

IMNWORLD - Information about Zawinul's U.S. tour dates

Zebra Records - Sometimes you can find information about Zawinul tour dates here

Emmeci Srl - Italian Joe Zawinul agency - Information about European tour dates

Basi Tours - Austrian Zawinul agency - Information about European tour dates

Joe Zawinul Official Website Tour Dates

Zawinul Online Tour Dates


Jaco Pastorius Links:

The Jaco Pastorius Official Website

The Jaco Pastorius Family Official Website

A wonderful Weather Report tourography + Jaco's pages

"The Fly" Jaco Pastorius website - in Italian

Franck Brousseau's Jaco Pastorius website (France) - A wonderful Jaco's videography

An interview with the Jaco's widow, Ingrid (from the Joni Mitchell's official website) 

Huge information about Jaco Pastorius unissued recordings

The best Jaco's discography - By Tom Stroud


Wayne Shorter Links:

A nice Wayne Shorter biography by Europe Jazz Network

A very good Wayne Shorter website - wonderful discography

Alphonse Mouzon Links:

Alphonse Mouzon official website

Weather Report Links:

Photographs of a Weather Report concert in Germany (1978)

A French website dedicated to Weather Report

 Peter Erskine Links:

Peter Erskine's Official Web Site

Alphonso Johnson Links:

Embamba Music Productions Official Web Site

Joni Mitchell Links:

 Joni Mitchell's Official Web Site

Robert Thomas, Jr. Links:

 Robert Thomas Biography & Discography

Richard Bona Links:

Richard Bona's Official Website

Amit Chatterjee Links:

Alex Acuna Links:

Cannonball Adderley Links:

The Cannonball Adderley Rendez-Vous (Cool Site!)

Matthew Garrison Links:

The Matthew Garrison Official Website

Rich Lamanna Links:

The Rich Lamanna Official Website

 Mailing Lists:

ZawinulFans mailing list

Weather Report mailing list

Jaco Pastorius mailing list

Our best friends:

Roberto Battestini's official web site

Michiel Borstlap Official Website



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